Home Health Care Consultants | Holistic Medical Doctor Unit

In this third series of “Home Health Care Consultants” we will look at the prototype Holistic Medical Doctor Unit. This is the brainchild of a Certified Nursing Assistant … the visionary who is looking at the big picture. Merging the two, holistic and medical, offers the comprehensive view of individuals who are exploring a wholesome … Read more

Do You Have the Heart to …? | Visualize It. Fill in the Blank.

Do you have the heart to dream big, follow your dream, and build an enterprise? What do you have the heart to do? Are you taking the steps to bring it to birth? If not, why not? The late Myles Munroe, leadership consultant, often said that the richest place on earth is a cemetery. His … Read more

Home Health Care Consultants | Holistic Nutritionist Unit.

This is the second article in “Home Health Care Consultants” prototype series. The focus is on the Holistic Nutritionist as a key player in an affiliate ecosystem. A Nutritionist or Dietitian (Dietician) plays a very important role in the healthcare industry. For example, hospitals and other facilities rely on this service for the nutritional wellbeing … Read more

Home Health Care Consultants | A Visionary’s Prototype Units.

“Home Health Care Consultants” is the beginning of a healthcare series based on a prototype. This is my vision for a more comprehensive offer of services in the marketplace. It’s an example of merging ecosystems. Are visions given only to the most educated, talented, or the wealthiest? No, vision comes to those who exist regardless … Read more