What Is Success Like? | 7 Analogies that Inspire Perseverance

“What Is Success Like? | 7 Analogies that Inspire Perseverance” takes you on a realistic path. It aims to help entrepreneurs understand and embrace the process. In the world of entrepreneurship, the path to success is rarely a quick and straightforward one. It’s more like a winding road filled with challenges, setbacks, and unexpected twists. … Read more

Listening Skills Improvement Tips | Here Are 5 Effective Ways.

“Listening Skills Improvement Tips | Here Are 5 Effective Ways” emphasizes the importance of actively listening to others. It’s an art that takes time to learn. Humans tend to be egotistic. And, their primary concerns are about “me, myself, and I.” As such, when we listen to others what’s foremost in our minds is, “How … Read more

Focus on Your Dream | How Do You Find a Way Out of the Maze?

“Focus on Your Dream | How Do You Find a Way Out of the Maze?” encourages you to pay attention to the path you’re on. You’ll need to step out and face reality. What’s your God-given dream? Just follow it although the price may be high. However, staying in a dead-end, living-below-your-potential job and life … Read more

What’s the Definition of Ecosystem? | Meaningful Connections

What is the definition of ecosystem? Meaningful connections because each one helps one or many. Ecosystems are everywhere you find people, places, and things. Do you know you’re a part of many ecosystems? You were born into the ecosystem of your family. But it takes some time to understand how you connect with others. However, … Read more

Do You Have the Heart to …? | Visualize It. Fill in the Blank.

Do you have the heart to dream big, follow your dream, and build an enterprise? What do you have the heart to do? Are you taking the steps to bring it to birth? If not, why not? The late Myles Munroe, leadership consultant, often said that the richest place on earth is a cemetery. His … Read more

What if There Was a Way Out of What If? | There Is!

You’ve been there many, many times before asking yourself “What if?” What if there was a way out of what if? You could be asking that one last time. What is your ‘what if?’ What if I were taller, prettier, wealthier, brighter, luckier, bolder, stronger? I could play basketball, win the beauty contest, be in … Read more