Hello to Yes! The Unblinded Formula

Having a comprehensive, easy-to-understand formula can take your relationships from “Hello” to “Yes!”

What has it been like for you so far, especially when you reflect on the past year or years behind you? Did you accomplish your goals or did they evade you again?

Are you striving to take your life, your finances, your attitude to the next level without success?

You’re not alone on this journey. Millions of people find themselves in this predicament at some point or throughout their entire lives.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a formula that could change all that in your life and business? There is!



What is the Unblinded Formula? Integrity-based Human Influence.

The Integrity-based Unblinded Mastery Formula consists of three categories: Self Mastery, Influence Mastery, and Process Mastery. Together they take you from hello to yes.

From a sales perspective, it allows you to make more money in less time with more magic by modeling integrity-based human influence.

Your way of thinking and attitude towards life, in general, will be transformed dramatically when you see how these come together and then apply them.

This is all about merging ecosystems.

Influence Mastery

There are 4 Steps, 10 Indispensable Elements, and 4 Energies.


  • Step 1: Build Emotional Rapport. There are 5 questions within this step … Hello-to-Yes-Steps
    • Where have you been?
    • Where are you now?
    • Where are you going?
    • What’s working?
    • What are your challenges?
  • Step 2: Pain and Yes Strategy – Highlight their point of pain and take them to say yes they need a change.
  • Step 3: Convey Your Heroic Unique Identity – This goes beyond accomplishments, accolades, and awards. This is where you share your characteristics, your values, and who you are as a person.
  • Step 4: Agreement Formation – This is a win-win situation where each party gives and accepts value.


Scarcity (Non-Integrity-based and Integrity-based): A business may advertise an offer as being available in limited quantities, for a limited time only. If this information is not true, it is non-integrity-based scarcity.

Another example: A client is hesitant to confirm an appointment for the only slot available on a particular day. The owner tells her it’s first come, first served. She’s unable to hold the space without a commitment. That’s integrity-based scarcity.

Matching and Mirroring: This involves physiology (the movements of your body), tonality (different pitches used to express yourself), and choice of words.

Acknowledgment: Acknowledge the other person’s characteristics, the truth about who they are.

Love: Be present without judgment. Hello-to-Yes-Love

Level 5 Listening: This is the highest level of listening. Identify something unique. Hear what they are not saying.

Energetic and Emotional Transportation: This involves being present while transferring energy and emotions.

Reciprocity: Acknowledge the other person; more than likely, they will also acknowledge you.

Question Mastery: Ask who, what, where, why, and when.

Validation: Recognize their accomplishments.

Congruence: The variance of your energy. This is different from Matching and Mirroring.


Zeus, Goddess, Fun, and Aspirational. These four energies are displayed during ecosystems merger.

Process Mastery

Process Mastery has 4 parts …

  • Modeling: Find an expert in your field of interest to emulate. Follow them closely to find out their path to success.
  • The 3 Ms:
    • Managing: How do you keep the ball rolling?
    • Measuring: How do you keep track of sales meetings, etc.? What numbers are you tracking?
    • Monitoring: What are your optics? How do you keep track of everything you’re measuring?
  • Time Blocking: What are your daily, weekly, and monthly activities?
  • Innovation: There is never a finish line despite any success or lifestyle you may achieve.


Self Mastery

Only some of the steps will be discussed here …

  • Why? … Your Why! Why you do what you do. (A lot of whys and dos here.)
  • Physiology: This is how you project yourself, your tonality, and the words you choose.
  • Focus: Concentrate on what the real issue is, not the problem that distracts you from your reality.
  • Meaning: Your interpretation of a situation is usually different from the reality of what actually happened.
  • Limiting and Empowering Beliefs: Counteract disempowering beliefs with positive empowering beliefs.
  • Music: Music is powerful and can bring out the four elements in you. Do whatever it takes to be motivated.
  • Content: Be careful what you watch, read, and listen to. It should be productive and reflect your “why.”
  • Human Needs Hello-to-Yes-Human-Needs
    • Significance
    • Certainty
    • Uncertainty & Variety
    • Growth
    • Love & Connection
    • Contribution
  • Diet: What you put into your body will determine your output.
  • Journaling: Writing things down helps you to remember them.

Let’s Talk! What’s Your Journey?

Answer these questions for yourself while you’re here …

What makes you read this article all the way to this point?

Are you dissatisfied with the way things are going for you? You may be working hard to earn an income to take care of yourself and your family, but it’s never enough.

Living from hand to mouth is the order of the day no matter how hard you try. You want to quit but what is the solution? You have been doing this your whole life. Nothing is changing. That’s insane!

Your search led you here.

Where do you find yourself in terms of taking someone in a personal or professional relationship from hello to yes?

Whether you are an introvert, extrovert, have few or many friends, the result may be the same: You can’t seem to get enough people to say yes to you.

You may be doing everything you know how to without seeing the results you’re looking for. Or maybe you know what to do but fear is holding you back.

Do you have a formula that is guaranteed to turn things around for you?

What’s your solution going forward?

Are you going to keep on the same path for another year, 5 or even 10 more years? It’s unlikely you’ll get different results.

The way to see changes is to change your mindset. Go back to the drawing board and analyze the situation. Get help to move forward. Find people who are successful at what they do.

At this point, what has really made a difference for you?

There may be aspects of your life or business that are working out just the way you want them to. What are the contributing factors?

Did you use a particular formula or specific way to get those results? Maybe it’s something you’re passionate about or have a special skill set which made it easy for you.

Everyone has challenges. What’s holding you back from going from where you are to where you know you need to be?

It’s time to take stock and determine what your challenges are and how you’re going to face them. Be honest with yourself. That’s a step in the right direction.

If it’s fear, face it. If it’s a lack of delegation, decide if you need to train or simply trust someone besides yourself to get the job done.

Whatever it is, be determined to take the necessary action to turn things around.

Hello … Yes!

You can go from hello to yes. There’s a tried-and-true formula for that.

For the most part, people are looking for ways to make more money in less time with more magic.


Share this post with your team or others you care about and begin the process of becoming unblinded.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

6 thoughts on “Hello to Yes! The Unblinded Formula”

  1. Your content is very align with Harvard approach, that goes from managing yourself, managing your bosses and managing others.

    Building rapport is an very well accepted standard.

    The proactive pursue of the continuous “Yes” (or positive mind setting) mentioned on Step 2 has became one of the most discussed topics in regards to pre-negociation setups. Living a in civilised word as we do, we’ve been instructed to sugar-coat our thoughts and believes for the comfort of others and conflict avoidance.

    A “No” hides a great opportunity, a “Yes” may be a “Let’s get this done and move forward with our lives”.

    Thanks for the tools listed on self Management! I’ve tried journalling several times but I fail to make it an habit. BTW- it has been a very interesting read and has became a remainder of good practices lost in time that needs to be recovered.

    • Hi Juan:

      Thank you for taking the time to read this article and for sharing your insights. 

      Sometimes it’s hard to follow through consistently to make something become a habit. It’s important to keep learning and stretching ourselves to be better. 

      As you continue to pursue whatever you value in life, I hope you’ll have many situations where you go from hello to yes with human-based integrity. The Unblinded Formula is designed to get you there.

      All the best in 2020!

  2. I found your article very elaborative and informative. I have learnt a lot from your post. 

    I like the indepth article on Unblinded Mastery formula which consists of Self mastery , Influence mastery , Process mastery.All of these categories have  very useful information and gives me so much motivation 

    Keep up the Good Work!

    Thanks for sharing the great article on Hello to Yes Unblinded Formula.

    • Hi S.J.:

      Thank you for taking the time to read this article and for your kind words. 

      Please feel free to use the basic outline of the Unblinded Mastery Formula to go from hello to yes in your personal and business relationships. 

      All the best in 2020!

  3. It is kinda surprising to find this article at this point. Often times, we find ourselves in situations where we feel trapped, or even worse, subdued.

    Now I have come across probably a ton of resources claiming to propel you to your desired goals only to leave you hanging.

     So I have to ask, does the unblinded formula require any special skill set?

    How long do you think would be appropriate to start expecting positive results?

    I really do hope you get back to me as soon as you can, I would appreciate more clarification. Thanks for sharing

    • Hi Lyke:

      Thank you for taking a deeper look into the Unblinded Formula. There is no required skill set. It’s about building personal and business relationships based on integrity. 

      If you take any given situation you’re dealing with and use the formula to lead the conversation, it will give you the confidence you need while putting the other person at ease. 

      This makes it easier to go from hello to yes with integrity. There is no specific timeframe as each situation is unique. One thing to bear in mind is that you need to know your end result and work towards it. 

      This is only a very small portion of the formula. It’s a very in depth and practical one. Use this outline as a starting point. 

      I wish you all the best in 2020 as you seek to strengthen your personal and business relationships. 


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