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In this third series of “Home Health Care Consultants” we will look at the prototype Holistic Medical Doctor Unit. This is the brainchild of a Certified Nursing Assistant … the visionary who is looking at the big picture.

Merging the two, holistic and medical, offers the comprehensive view of individuals who are exploring a wholesome way of life. All cures do not come from drugs; there is a bigger picture.

Some medical doctors are coming to terms that a traditional approach to medicine can be merged effectively with other types of ancient or modern practices. Contrary to those who oppose them, this is not a frivolous concept.

Much research producing ground-breaking results are documented amidst intense opposition … efforts to silence and discredit them.


Merging Medical and Holistic. | A Sum of the Whole.

The definition of what is medical is more obvious to the majority of people than what holistic means. Holistic is looking at the sum of the whole … what do the symptoms mean rather than putting a temporary plaster on.

This could result in a cover up rather than discovering and treating the root cause or underlying conditions. Exercise and nutrition are emphasized for optimal wellbeing.

As a result, many specialists in this field aim to educate individuals about healthy versus unhealthy habits or behaviors. They also look at how improvements can be made, more like a “prevention is better than cure” approach.

In the scenario here, we’re looking at it from a medical doctor’s point of view … one who has a bachelor’s or master’s degree, has a traditional medical practice, and also offers guidelines from a holistic perspective.

This does not rule out referrals by other medical doctors to holistic professionals.

During my research for this article, I came across Parsley Health which conveys the idea of merging the two … offering a comprehensive package.

Information on their website shows that their medical team consists of …

  • Licensed and accredited doctors.
  • Trained in Functional Medicine.
  • Experienced in personalized labs and analysis.

They are “doctor-led, holistic medicine proven to treat the root cause of your health issue.” They use functional medicine, personalized care, and a conventional treatment plan for their patients.


A Doctor’s Lead. | Home Health Care Unit.

A Medical Doctor’s list of key players could look like this one …

  1. Endocrinologist
  2. Cardiologist
  3. Rheumatologist
  4. Neurologist
  5. OBY-GN
  6. Ophthalmologist
  7. Dentist
  8. ENT
  9. Chiropractor
  10. Podiatrist

Doctors already have a strong group of referrals among themselves. The scenario here focuses primarily on merging ecosystems with others within and outside of their professional circle.

This example refers to a Holistic Medical Doctor as a member of the “Home Health Care Consultants” The Mastermind Unit alongside a Holistic Nutritionist in this series created by the visionary.

Individuals and families requiring care would appreciate recommendations from people they know and trust. A team of care professionals are considered trustworthy by those they care for.

How significant is it when a medical doctor emphasizes the importance of good nutrition and exercise as a means to experiencing a more wholesome lifestyle.

Exercise: Holistic Approach

Home Health Care Consultants. | Multi-layered Access.

A home health care agency that has immediate access to a team of medical doctors as consultants is in a good position. Close proximity to medical practitioners is nothing unusual; this is a special consultancy arrangement.

In this scenario, each doctor has committed to this special arrangement as a part of the Holistic Medical Doctor’s Unit. Together they add credibility on a more comprehensive level.

They, more than likely, already belong to a conglomerate. This new team would give them more collaboration with others they would not have been of service to otherwise.

They are in a position to make referrals from any group they have a strong connection with.

Holistic professionals such as coaches across all industries make up some of the consultants who do well working together, including …

  • Motivational
  • Mental Health
  • Sports and Fitness
  • Nutrition and Wellness

This multi-layered access will prove beneficial with far-reaching effects in an affiliate ecosystem.


Serving the Ecosystem. | The Comprehensive Way.

How does this arrangement work? How is it different from doctors in a health insurance pool? On the surface and in practice there’s probably no difference. It’s mainly in the relationships they share in a broader sense.

This platform and article is not intended to address insurance practices and how the medical profession works. The relationships envisioned are to highlight a possible conglomeration.

Each team member is a part of additional ecosystems within and outside of their professions. They interact with others who may be looking for referrals from the other units they have close proximity to.

Close proximity with others outside of this team may include access to the Holistic Nutritionist or Human Resources/Scheduler from other prototype units.

This widens the scope bringing a more efficient ecosystem into focus, giving smaller groups access to others. Think logically of cities and towns being a part of counties or parishes.

They, in turn, make up bigger regions and countries, all a part of the entire world …

… The interesting and obvious picture is the global implications due to advanced technology and the world wide web. There are no barriers whatsoever.

Notice the vast international representation on conference calls and webinars. That’s the picture here … it is not restricted to physical proximity in all cases.

In the case of this prototype, physical proximity is practical; however, this concept goes way beyond that.

As we continue in upcoming series, we will meet members of other units and show how they interconnect in a comprehensive way.


Prototype Holistic Medical Doctor. | Final Thoughts.

Merging ecosystems, bringing both aspects of this segment together, offers a more comprehensive outlook on healthcare. This covers treatment, preventative, and restorative care.

Despite opposition, holistic and traditional medicine can coexist. Individuals have attested to its benefits. Negative feedback will certainly not eradicate this population of believers.

Fake news with influential individuals behind it tend to sway the masses; however, there is a time and place for everything.

Medical Doctors who believe in and are trained in holistic practices are in a position to diagnose and make sensible recommendations accordingly.

With such a merging of ecosystems, people who felt they had no hope or who were given over as being hopeless have the opportunity to look for an alternative which may turn things around.

The main focus should be on the overall health and wellbeing of all individuals. There isn’t always a one-size-fits all solution not even when it’s coming from experts.

With this in mind, service can be rendered in a collaborative manner involving those who are comfortable expressing the benefits of others’ services.

People are generally happy to receive and give referrals. Ask anyone who has benefited from valuable products or services recommended by people they know, like, and trust … sometimes even by perfect strangers.

It is common to talk with others in supermarkets, salons and spas, social gatherings of all types and hear life-changing stories. Not everything suits everyone. Bear that in mind and use wisdom; it goes a long way.

I hope you enjoyed this article, “Home Health Care Consultants | Holistic Medical Doctor Unit.”

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. I will be more than happy to assist you.


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