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This is the second article in “Home Health Care Consultants” prototype series. The focus is on the Holistic Nutritionist as a key player in an affiliate ecosystem.

A Nutritionist or Dietitian (Dietician) plays a very important role in the healthcare industry. Hospitals and other facilities rely on this service for the nutritional wellbeing of patients and staff members.

There is a rising interest in the holistic marketplace as individuals look for alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs, unhealthy foods, and skincare products. They are searching for solutions.

This head of the Nutritionist Unit is a member of the visionary’s (Certified Nursing Assistant) initial team, The Masterminds. Here we’ll see a comprehensive package catering to everyone’s needs in a frictionless atmosphere.

Definition of a Nutritionist … | Or a Dietitian.

A Dietitian specializes in dietetics which is the study of health-related nutrition. The title Nutritionist is sometimes used to refer to both groups; however, in a strict sense there are differences.

Whereas individuals without extensive training at a university level with a bachelor’s or master’s degree can take on the title of Nutritionist, Dietitians are considered a regulated title in most cases and some countries.

In the healthcare arena, they interact with other medical specialists, looking closely at each patient’s records to analyze and develop a nutritional plan to suit their specific needs.

This area can be easily overlooked as people generally have no idea how interrelated the science of food is to the overall science of the body and what it requires to function optimally.

The nutritional department in a broad sense relies on the study of many scientific areas through meticulous training, research, and planning to develop relevant target-focused meals.

A Dietitian or Nutritionist may choose to narrow their scope to a particular area. This could be focusing on a specific disease (diabetes) or industry (sports), or working in a public or private segment.

They operate in the capacity of clinical, therapeutic, or offering food services. The categories are too vast to be explored in this article. Much more information may be found on other websites.

Some responsibilities include …

  • Developing specialized diets
  • Supervising and training meal preparation staff, assistants, and delivery teams.
  • Educating individuals, community groups, and organizations about proper nutrition using various forms of media.
  • Conducting research

A Nutritionist that is limited in scope would solicit the services of a Dietitian for more expertise advice. This field in conjunction with everyone else they build relationships with make up an essential ecosystem.

Nutritionist Food Prep

In a Health Care Setting | At Home, Perhaps?

A Dietitian or Nutritionist plays an important role in all types of healthcare facilities. In a home health care setting they are able to reach out further to administer service in a more comprehensive way.

Outpatient services are sometimes extended after a hospital stay. Follow up is essential to encourage patients to stay on track as much as possible.

Family members are important in this area as they may be the ones responsible for providing or preparing the patient’s meals. Many people are ignorant about proper nutrition and need guidelines.

They, patient and family members, have the right to decline any nutritional guidelines but it is essential to have them in place. Those with special needs would benefit greatly.

A few of the most common special needs areas are diabetes, cancer, and obesity. A number of diseases are related to nutritional deficiencies.

Many are caused by hormonal imbalances and side effects from unhealthy behaviors including pharmaceutical and illegal drug use.

A holistic approach, coupled with traditional knowledge, offers valuable alternatives. This method should not be overlooked as a great way to merge ecosystems.

Nutritional Meal

Holistic in the Healthcare Arena? | Take a Look.

Organic, all natural, and no sugar added are popular phrases in nutrition and healthcare. Authentic medical and non-medical doctors and other professionals are making a difference.

Everyone is not on the same page regarding the holistic approach as a viable alternative. Those who get results will not be denied giving their testimonials and will always have an audience.

In this scenario, a holistic approach is not the only recommendation; however, this is not an anti-holistic viewpoint. Healing should not be looked at in isolation.

Certified Holistic Nutritionists are getting more recognition in the marketplace and is an essential player in home health care. A sound educational background and extensive research result in more credibility.

The definition of holistic includes looking into additional factors instead of only a symptom. For example, if someone has a headache, the first consideration would not be to take pain medicine.

From personal experience, a headache symbolizes that I have eaten food containing monosodium glutamate (MSG). Consuming high fructose corn syrup gives me the “shakes.”

There is usually underlying conditions that produce negative symptoms showing up as health issues. Care given at home under the supervision of medical professionals could benefit from a holistic approach.

Holistic in Healthcare

Home Health Care Nutritionist. | Prototype Key Players.

A Holistic Nutritionist’s choice would be reflected by the desired outcome of the unit. Merging ecosystems with the following key players could result in a strong team in the home health care scenario …

  1. Head Chef
  2. Maitre D’
  3. Drinks Specialist
  4. Pastry Chef
  5. Ambassador/Advisor
  6. Delivery Driver
  7. Purchaser/Stock Controller
  8. Event Planner
  9. Server
  10. Greeter

Although this is a prototype, it shows the relationship to the Nutritionist Unit. In this case, the Nutritionist is an entrepreneur who is a consultant for various organizations.

This business offers a comprehensive package as is the aim of all units. In some cases, referrals are made to get other key players on board. Outsourcing is sometimes an important part of this package.

Most of the personnel required for any personal or business nutritional setting would be filled by this unit. In the “Home Health Care Consultants” series, the Nutritionist is a top key player for the visionary of the series.

After a client establishes the need for service through the home health care agency, the ambassador or advisor would ascertain the specific needs.

A client may only need guidelines or could request food delivery. This would be carried out by a chef, pastry chef, other attendants, and delivery driver.

Assortment of Pastries

Nutritionist Viewpoint. | In the Home Health Care Marketplace.

A Dietitian or Nutritionist is likely to offer services from a holistic point of view in addition to traditional methods. Many individuals are going in that direction so it makes good sense.

We look at a prototype unit in the “Home Health Care Consultants” series to show how this merging of ecosystems works. The overall focus is on delivering a comprehensive package to clients.

Most, if not all, medical facilities have Dietitians on staff to cater to the nutritional needs of patients and staff members.

An organization with concerns about total care will consider adding services that are lacking or inefficient in the healthcare industry.

A holistic approach is considered a wholesome outlook in the treatment, prevention, and restoration of the body. The medical, nutritional, and skincare industries are all on board.

Merging ecosystems with integrity-based entrepreneurs and organizations could be looked at as a holistic or wholesome approach … offering a comprehensive package where applicable.

This article is not meant to be an authority on medical or non-medical claims that may be mentioned here. It is only for information based on expert advice.

I hope you will find value in, “Home Health Care Consultants | Holistic Nutritionist Unit” as you follow the series.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. I will be more than happy to assist you.

Holistic Nutritionist Assortment

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