Unblinded by a massive disruptive bolt of illuminosity across the hemisphere of my mind, body, and spirit.

Nestled in the deep recesses that had never seen the light of day, or maybe just a mere glimpse.

Bold enough to take this giant leap of faith holding integrity in one hand and unconditional love in the other.

Listening more deeply at a new level to hear what is not being said, beyond what the ordinary ear would hear.

Influence, the key factor attracting others to me on this journey while displaying my own heroic unique identity.

Navigating through all the steps, elements, and energies, taking them frictionlessly from hello to yes. Yes!

Delivering everything as promised, without compromising my values or theirs. It’s a win-win.

Ecosystems merge in this atmosphere going from Goddess, to Aspirational, to Fun, to Zeus!

Done are the days when I would not speak up because of fear. Stepping up my game for real this time. I’m forever UNBLINDED!

©Veron Lee Campbell



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