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What’s the definition of ecosystem? Meaningful connections because each one helps one or many. Ecosystems are everywhere you find people, places, and things.

Do you know you’re a part of many ecosystems? You were born into the ecosystem of your family. It takes some time to understand how you connect with others.

As you get older, you feel connected to others outside of your family circle. You may not be familiar with what an ecosystem is or its definition.

The purpose here is to shed some light on what it means in a general, personal, and professional sense.

Family Ecosystem

What’s an Ecosystem? | Community of Survivors

When we think of ecosystems, the original definition paints a picture of the animal kingdom sticking together for survival. It shows clans united to protect themselves against predators.

This includes all types of animals including the human species. It goes beyond the mere expression of survival from dangerous predators and terrorists. It involves interaction with the environment.

The focus here is on the way we interact with each other to build meaningful relationships — merging ecosystems.

Individuals and groups of like minded entrepreneurs and businesses form collaborations for the betterment of each other and their associations. Crafters, innovators, and industries are examples of those with similar interests.

The merging of ecosystems is not restricted to people having the same interests. Look at a diversity of individuals coming together to offer their services across groups and industries.

The definition of an ecosystem manifest in every sphere of the universe — land, sea, and air.

Animal Ecosystem

Different Types of Ecosystems | Land, Sea, and Air

Where do you find ecosystems and what are the different types? We can look at the food chain for a comparison of how we exist in an ecosystem for survival.

LAND: Examine the basic structure of a community, city, or country. How essential is our interaction with each other? I’ll go into more details on that below.

SEA: This encompasses a world of its own, most of it still under explored. Land dwellers depend on the sea for various reasons. Sea dwellers depend on the care and protection we offer in terms of not polluting and killing them off.

Our wellbeing and existence, to some degree, depends on how we treat the ocean. This shows ecosystems operating in a cross the border fashion.

AIR: How does the ecosystem in the atmospheric space operate? We play a major role in this area. Anything we do to harm it will be detrimental to humanity.

Birds traverse between land and air, sometimes spending time in the sea to refresh themselves or hunt for their meals. We travel by airplanes or engage in recreational and other activities in this space.

Bird Hunting Fish

Meaningful Connections | How Do You Add Value?

Ecosystems are all about meaningful connections to work effectively. It should involve reciprocal relationships, givers and takers, balancing the equation.

Each player has the responsibility of adding value to others at any level. What is of value to one person may be insignificant or unnecessary for someone else.

Value doesn’t always mean the most expensive or compared to another thing of value. It just needs to serve the interest of those who have a particular want, need, or desire.

You are a key player in different roles in your life. What are some ways you can add value in your personal and professional circle? Here are some ways …

  • Be resourceful: Always be learning. The more you know about a particular subject or your niche, the more value you can add to benefit others.
  • Make meaningful referrals: There will always be someone looking for services you don’t provide. Be that link to connect them with someone you know and trust.
  • Share information: Give others the opportunity to learn from your expertise or others with useful information.
  • Listen: We need to master the skill of listening. It’s one of the greatest ways to add value by letting others know you care enough to hear and understand them.

Offer a helping hand whether you can.


Family, Friendship, and Fortune | Bridge the Gaps

Families are part of a church and/or other community gatherings.

Schools provide education, agriculture on any scale provide food and income, businesses in every industry contribute products and service for every segment of the population.

People cater to the needs of other people, animals, and their own way of life. This is different for everyone although there will be some similarities.

The affluent and those with less spendable money may not always share the same experiences. Even those on the same economical level lead different lifestyles.

Families in communities form friendships with neighbors and associates on different levels. All collaborations don’t lead to friendship even when people work together.

The road to fortune is usually one with contributions from others who are key players in their own right. An ecosystem is made up of links and involve bridge building.

Community Ecosystem

Define Your Ecosystem | Be the Visionary

How many of your personal and professional ecosystems can you name? Here are some examples …

  1. Family: Your immediate, close, and distant relatives. Some of these may not be blood relatives but are considered part of your family.
  2. Community-Based Groups: Church, school, and sports form these groups.
  3. Social Gatherings: All types of occasions such as parties, weddings, and other celebrations attract gatherings.
  4. Industry Associations: Conventions, trade shows, meetings offer opportunities for professionals to get together.
  5. Professional Work Spaces: Management, coworkers, similar organizations, competitors all make up an ecosystem.

You can start something new of value on a small or large scale. If you see a gap somewhere, what can you do to fill that missing link. Be the visionary and provide the change and value you want to see.

Don’t think you must have all the resources to bring your vision into being. That’s where an effective ecosystem comes in handy. You can share your ideas with authentic individuals who can help to take it to the next level.

You may need someone to provide finances or financial advice. This may not be an area you’re interested or knowledgeable in.

Another investor could take on the general operations instead of you. You may be the one to offer funding of the project. Take time to research all resources, materials, and personnel before jumping in.

Minimize the risk of making bad judgment. Seek wise counsel. Merging ecosystems is a valuable and life-changing experience. Do your part to add value and make them meaningful connections.

I hope you found, “What’s the Definition of Ecosystem | Meaningful Connections,” useful. Please add your voice by leaving your questions or comments below.

Be the Visionary

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