Focus on Your Dream | How Do You Find a Way Out of the Maze?

“Focus on Your Dream | How Do You Find a Way Out of the Maze?” encourages you to pay attention to the path you’re on. You’ll need to step out and face reality.

What’s your God-given dream? Just follow it although the price may be high. However, staying in a dead-end, living-below-your-potential job and life will cost you more.

It will affect you physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Face the fact that it’s going to be tough, and only a leap of faith will transport you to the next level.

You’ve waited too long until your “boss” stands over you saying, “I can make you feel like nobody. That’s my job, so I can look better than I really am!”

Your self-esteem previously went from minus zero to above average as you reviewed your achievements! Once again, however, you’re threatened to be reduced to “How low can you go?”

How low do you want to go? For example, are you building someone up while they tear you down? And, is that your calling? This wouldn’t be the first time you’ve fallen into this trap.

So, what are you called to do? You’re not searching for the answer as you already know what it is. In fact, you’ve known this since childhood. Or, maybe from a previous rude awakening.

Wake up! It’s time to get out of the maze.


Focus on Your Dream. | It’s a Maze Out There.

It’s time for you to stop signing up for the next big idea or whatever else they’re called. They all take you through the same channel.

For example, you hear, ”Here’s how to earn a six-figure income. But first, let me tell you about the millions who are making millions.”

As a result, you invest in a promise to get out of debt. And, you have to invest much more than you expected after the suspense ends.

Then there comes another suspense, and the cost escalates. But you have already invested. So, how can you stop now when you may be on the brink of breaking through?

It’s a continuous stream of, “But first, you have to do this.”

Imagine, you’re in debt with student loans.  And, your house is in foreclosure. Also, your car is in collections. They tell you you’re going to lose your assets.

And you already lost your job—got fired because only God knows what. And He does! It’s time for you to obey rather than make another sacrifice.

You become homeless, except that perfect strangers rescued you. Your family has also done as much as they can. They help you because you were once in the position to help them.

In addition, you have borrowed from the few trustworthy friends you have.


Are You Trapped in a Vision? | Or a Maze?

On the other hand, your new venture to get out of debt has you turning corners. Now you have to make yet another investment before you can taste freedom.

Furthermore, you’ve already convinced a family member this is what will get you to the next level. He helps you out, but you realize this was only a deposit until the next corner. So, now what?

You make another desperate cry for help. “It’s going to work this time, so please just a little bit more.”

The organization is legitimate. You’ve done your research. The millionaires give their time to encourage you to keep going. Ultimately, a free webinar gets you to the next level of making another investment.

Otherwise, you’ll be stuck. And you hear, “You have to invest in yourself to succeed.” While that’s true, where does it come from? The last six ventures you have in your collection are barely above ground.

They may serve a purpose. However, this path is not yours if it takes you away from achieving your goal. And, you know your mission is calling you.

So, until you stop in your track and become more focused, you’ll try what others have in order to succeed. And, you won’t.

You may not have to give up everything you’ve already undertaken. These may be assets that will not cost you anything more or much to maintain.

Furthermore, they’ll come in handy after you’ve learned to work smarter not harder while you fulfill your calling. That’s why they haven’t worked for you so far.

It’s true, millions of others are making millions. But, your steps are ordered, so focus on your path. Make today the turning point. It ends here.

Don’t Quit the Dream. | Know the Difference.

Take a look at what you’ve done so far.

You gave up on your dream to go back to yet another dead-end job. And, living-below-your-potential in order to come up with the money to go to the next level of freedom.

The job search is futile, and you’re frustrated. But you know this is what you were called to do. You have enrolled in college, pursuing a degree that will make a difference. This means more student loans.

It’s a great step! So don’t quit. Focus on that along with your calling. You have a better chance of reaching your destination on this path as long as your academic pursuits are in keeping with your goal.

How many hours do you spend job searching. You’re constantly looking at the next opportunity that’s the same product packaged differently.

Remember, there may be nothing wrong with the product. But you do not want to miss the mark.


Where Do You Go From Here? | Out of the Maze.

Go back to the drawing board and make or review your list. You should have one by now. Define your goal and make a plan of action to get you there.

Make your achievements bite size, but start right now. That’s the only way you won’t spend another moment wishing you could get from where you are to where you need to be.

Remember, quit the negative stumbling block, and focus on your God-given dream. If you’re called to write, then write. Most importantly, invest without bringing yourself further into a downward spiral.

You have to know your limitations and work with them. Also, remember your focus is to move upward, not to be taken out of the game.

Consider reaching out for help instead of feeling you have to make this journey on your own.

Be mindful, however, that you must use wisdom in choosing the right people to discuss your dream with. There are a number of dream killers with no vision of their own. Don’t expect them to encourage you with yours.

In contrast, there are those who believe their dream is superior to yours and will block your way if you let them. In light of this, stay focused on your path with the determination to never quit.

Breathe Life into Your Dream | Live it to the Fullest!

We know life is filled with struggles. And it takes work to see your dreams and visions come to life. But you’re the visionary, and you must push through.

It’s like the journey a woman takes throughout her pregnancy. The embryo is embedded in her womb surrounded with fluids providing nourishment.

However, she has to keep sustaining it. She also feels the birth pangs and the expansion of her body. So, this child isn’t left in isolation because she plays a major role before and after she gives birth.

Likewise, you must nurture your dream and never allow it to die. It’s a treasure you’ve been given for safe investment. Some of the paths you take will lead you in the right direction.

On the other hand, sometimes you’ll be at a loss without knowing for sure which way to go. But, the key is to stay focused through trial and error because there’s a way out of the maze.

At some point, you’ll know you’re on the right path. And although you may set up shop many times only to find it wasn’t lucrative, it’s not the end of the road.

There really isn’t a finished line, because each achievement will require you to set new boundaries. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to start or continue on your journey.

There’s a dream to follow that will take you out of the maze!

I hope “Focus on Your Dream | How Do You Find a Way Out of the Maze?” encourages you to pay attention to the path you’re on. If so, please let me hear your story.

Also, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to assist you.


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2 thoughts on “Focus on Your Dream | How Do You Find a Way Out of the Maze?”

  1. At one time or another, I’ve read about or applied some of these different principles to get myself out of the maze. But I always seem to stray away or forget about them entirely. Life can grab you by the nose sometimes. This was a good reminder for me and I thank you for it. 

    Do you have mental exercises you do when you feel yourself losing focus on your dream? What helps the most to refocus you?

    • Hi Matt:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my article. It has been a long road for me, and life certainly gets in the way. You may occasionally stray, walk away, and forget about them. However, the compelling dream never leaves you.

      Great question! My main focus to keep me on track is using visualization and journaling. I spend quiet times focusing on what my dream looks like in reality. I write it out, review and revise where necessary.

      Sometimes I don’t meet my deadlines, but I will change the date and try to attain even a small segment of what I want to do. 

      One important thing I’ve learned is never to beat myself up for not meeting a specific goal I’ve set. It has a negative impact and can be a dream killer.

      Matt, I hope this answers your question. Again, thank you for your time. I wish you all the best as you continue to stay focused.



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