Home Health Care Consultants | A Visionary’s Prototype Units.

“Home Health Care Consultants” is the beginning of a series based on a prototype I envision for a more comprehensive offer of services in the marketplace … an example of merging ecosystems.

Are visions given only to the most educated, talented, or the wealthiest? Vision comes to those who exist regardless of status. It takes courage to act despite your own or others’ attempts to make you feel unworthy.

It takes a visionary to turn an idea into an empire which serves humanity within an ecosystem of other visionaries.

I write from the viewpoint of a Certified Nursing Assistant working with the elderly for 15 years. I take the initiative to use my creative platform, expertise, and voice in addition to the difference I continue to make in patients’ lives.

Home Health Care Defined. | Medical and Non-Medical.

What is home health care? Is there a difference between medical and non-medical? These two top questions will be answered briefly here.

Home health care generally refers to services provided by medical professionals. Home care is the term more commonly used for non-medical services. In some cases the terms are used interchangeably.

The emphasis is on care given at home rather than in a facility such as hospital, nursing home, or assisted living. This ranges from basic to hospice care, short or long term.

Medical Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Licensed Practical Nurses, Registered Nurses, therapists such as occupational and physical, and social workers are specialists in a medical setting.

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), Home Health Aides (HHAs), and non-certified aides or assistants are members in a non-medical capacity.

The non-medical group may work alongside a medical team carrying out various roles. Some are supervised directly by a medical professional.

Although the most common scenario is working through an agency, private cases are also an option whenever they are available. Caregivers are also family members taking on that responsibility.

An agency is classified as medical or non-medical depending on what services their licenses allow them to perform. The most comprehensive and maybe optimal package is to merge the two.

Both have been making tremendous strides in the healthcare industry caring not only for the elderly but also for disabled clients of all ages. Services may also extend to childcare.

Medical: Injections, wound care, prescribing medication, making medical diagnoses and recommendations.

Non-medical: Housekeeping, cooking, respite, companionship, assisting with bathing or showering.

Medical and non-medical caregivers take vital signs of their patients. Caregivers who complete a certification course are allowed to perform CPR.

Payment for services will not be covered in this article. Some services are covered by insurance (Medicare, Medicaid, for example); others are paid for out of pocket.


Who Are Consultants? | Key Players.

Consultant is an interchangeable term for any specialist choosing to use that title. It’s especially fitting if the specialist goes above and beyond what is generally offered … valuable consultancy services.

Every member of a team has value and should be a key player at their particular level of productivity. Some individuals and positions are considered insignificant based on low salary or educational background.

In this proposed comprehensive package, consultants range from the top professionals to “the least of these” making up the healthcare ecosystem.

In a scenario where I, as the visionary, choose to showcase an ecosystem of the top 10 key players, it could look like this in a random selection from a personal viewpoint …

  1. Holistic Nutritionist
  2. Holistic Medical Doctor
  3. HR Personnel/Scheduler
  4. Registered Nurse (RN) or Nurse Practitioner (NP)
  5. Financial Consultant
  6. Insurance Consultant
  7. Office Affairs Manager/Trainer
  8. Non-medical Home Care Scheduler
  9. Public Relations Officer (PRO)
  10. Legal Consultant

Some of these titles are personally selected and do not reflect actual general titles used. This is a demonstration of what a prototype home health care consultants ecosystem could represent.

An in depth description of each professional, their significance, and place in this critically essential industry will be covered in upcoming articles.


More Collaboration in the Home Health Care Arena. | Fill the Gap.

Significant strides have been made in the healthcare industry in general. The home health care segment, in particular, has contributed immensely to the elderly population.

The same categories of personnel work in facilities as well as in the home. One important service that is included in facilities but not necessarily by agencies is that of a nutritionist or dietitian.

Caregivers usually plan and prepare meals on a regular basis; however, there may not be nutritional guidelines or consultation from the agency.

Many clients are set in their ways and may not be concerned about proper nutritional needs. This added service has the potential to bring awareness to those who may accept such guidelines from a professional nutritionist.

Another area grossly undervalued is the overall wellbeing of caregivers, very valuable key players in home health care. They are hardworking, overworked, and generally underpaid.

Companies would benefit a lot more by offering recreational and other incentives as part of their employment package. This should not only be available to those at the top of the pay scale.

The impression is that there isn’t enough to go around to improve the livelihood of this group of workers. A reciprocal relationship among different organizations could prove worthwhile.

While some things are working, a lot more could be done with greater collaboration where entrepreneurs merge ecosystems.

A Comprehensive Package. | Affiliate Ecosystems.

Ecosystems tend to work well when individuals or organizations are interested in the other party’s wellbeing. Integrity and willingness to demonstrate genuine compassion are important characteristics.

Using the example from the list of professionals making up the unit above, a more comprehensive approach could prove to be the way forward.

The world is changing rapidly, and the next steps for businesses may come unexpectedly. Be prepared if this is the direction your path is taking you.

Many elderly individuals are unable to perform basic or more complex activities of daily living (ADLs). As a result they need quite a bit of help in various areas.

A one-stop shopping experience as part of an economic ecosystem is nothing new. Many industries have been operating this way for quite some time. Everyone can benefit in some way.

It is important to take the wellbeing of clients as well as team members of the organization into consideration.


Viewpoint Wrap Up. | Taking it Up a Notch.

In this series of “Home Health Care Consultants” the focus is on home health care whether medical or non-medical. It is the prototype of an affiliate ecosystem at work in the marketplace.

This is only an example of the first tier of key players from a personal viewpoint. It will take many more players to make this collaboration work optimally.

A comprehensive package for clients and team members is attainable and could be the way forward for many organizations. Some are already practicing this way in their businesses.

The wellbeing of all parties should be made a priority if all are to be valued and treated with respect and dignity.

I have put together a Mission Statement for this prototype team of consultants as follows …

Home Health Care Consultants’ core value is building relationships with key players and clients for optimal care to your elderly loved ones in their home sweet home.

We recognize and promote the wellbeing of our dedicated essential partners to achieve exceptional peak performance and professionalism. Both parties must be a good fit and be treated with respect and dignity.

I hope you found value in this article, “Home Health Care Consultants | A Visionary’s Prototype Units.”

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. I will be more than happy to assist you.

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