What to Buy Review | Adjustable Height Pub Table 360° Swivel

“What to Buy Review | Adjustable Height Pub Table 360° Swivel” features a table that’s suitable for a cozy setting. It’s perfect for your home, cafe, or bistro.

Place it in your dining room, kitchen, patio, or at your place of business. You’ll appreciate its durability and flexibility, and so will your family and friends.

Please see the features, benefits, and product overview below. You’ll also find what others have to say about their purchase.

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Overall Features | Just the Basics

Name: Yeheetech Round Pub Table Height Adjustable

Sold By: Amazon

Brand: Yaheetech

Price: $52.99 (This price is subject to change.)

Color: Grey and silver (It also comes in other colors.)

Shape: Round

Maximum Weight Capacity: 88lbs

Overall Rank: 8.8 out of 10

Yaheetech Round Pub Table Height Adjustable | Product Overview

Here are a few features you’ll appreciate.

  1. Your tabletop swivels a full 360°.
  2. It’s also height adjustable via a gas lift underneath the tabletop.
  3. In addition, it’s a water-proof and rust-resistant MDF countertop.
  4. The stand is made from stainless steel which provides a stable wide pedestal base.
  5. It’s quick and easy to assemble and disassemble.
  6. And also versatile for indoor and outdoor use.


You may also appreciate these benefits.

  1. Just imagine the ease of passing around drinks and snacks with the swivel tabletop.
  2. Transform your kitchen table into a bar table and vice versa with a simple lever. This is one thing that makes it appealing.
  3. Never leave a stain on your tabletop because a spill won’t damage its protective surface. All you have to do is wipe it clean.
  4. Your table won’t topple over easily and ruin your party. The base keeps it firmly secured in place.
  5. Follow the instructions and every part come together without any stress. You can also disassemble and store it away when necessary. It will make moving easier.
  6. Its design and color give it an air of elegance wherever you choose to use it.

Why Would You Buy This? | It’s a Space-Saver Table.

You may like this table if you just need something small and cozy for two people to have drinks and snacks. It’s also handy for simply any meal.

If you have a small nook in your kitchen or any other space, this is the ideal size to hang out by yourself or with company. It’s a party favorite due to its ability to swivel for easy access to drinks and snacks.

For example, you take a break to make your favorite smoothie. Where is a good place to sit and have a drink with a snack? You guessed it. That would be at your small round table by the window.

You would also consider this because it will look good in your home or business. Furthermore, you can impress others with this elegant table without going out of your way to do so. It stands out well.

Here’s my personal placement. I use this in front of my bar countertop. It was the ideal place to add this small table in the dining area.

In addition, I bought four matching adjustable chairs and placed two by the bar at the highest height. I kept the other two at a lower height and used those at the table at a comfortable height.

This arrangement brings four people together in one space enjoying each other’s company. Best of all, all five pieces have the versatility to adjust to suit every occasion and individual preferences.

Furthermore, it could be a good match for your existing decor, as in my case. My countertop is a grey combination and that is why I chose that color. You also have other choices.

What Others Are Saying | Adjustable Table Reviews

The Yaheetech Round Pub Table Height Adjustable gets a 4.4 rating out of 5 on Amazon.com. Here’s a summary of some comments from other purchasers.


  • A number of purchasers agreed it was worth the price!
  • Some said it’s great for events and parties.
  • Others commented that the base is sturdy.
  • And also that it fits perfectly in their space.
  • Additionally, the color worked well for them.


  • One observation is it’s too small.
  • A few noted it revolves too much.
  • Some said it was wobbly.

It’s a revolving table as stated in the description, so it’s not fixed in place. It may take some getting use to as some individuals find it unstable.



This table is a two seater, with the flexibility and elegance for your personal comfort. It’s small but makes a big statement in any room at home or at you place of business. And don’t forget about serving drinks and snacks at a party!

I found that it works really well with a bar countertop providing two additional seating. And it doesn’t have to be right next to the bar. Another placement will be just as fine.

Consider a breakfast nook, dining area, patio or deck, indoor or outdoors. It all comes down to whatever works for you.

When you take all the features and benefits into consideration, you can decide if this is for you. Maybe you find it to be too small for yourself, but consider telling your family and friends about this table.

It may be just what they’re looking for and they’ll appreciate you for looking out for them. In the same way, they’ll be delighted to return the favor when they see a good bargain for you.

(As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.)

So, if you think this table is right for you, please CLICK HERE for more information or to make a purchase. Also, feel free to shop around from my Amazon link and find something else that will be more compatible for you.

I hope you find value in, “What to Buy Review | Adjustable Height Pub Table 360° Swivel.” Please feel free to leave your comments and questions below. I’ll do my best to address them.


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