Magic of Sales | Experience the Thrill!

Have you experienced the magic of sales? If not, why not? Sales, selling, and marketing can be scary words for many people. Yet there are some who passionately hunt down customers. What makes the difference? You may have heard it said that some people were born to sell while others were not that lucky. Where … Read more


Unblinded by a massive disruptive bolt of illuminosity across the hemisphere of my mind, body, and spirit. Nestled in the deep recesses that had never seen the light of day, or maybe just a mere glimpse. Bold enough to take this giant leap of faith holding integrity in one hand and unconditional love in the … Read more

Hello to Yes! The Unblinded Formula

Having a comprehensive, easy-to-understand formula can take your relationships from “Hello” to “Yes!” What has it been like for you so far, especially when you reflect on the past year or years behind you? Did you accomplish your goals or did they evade you again? Are you striving to take your life, your finances, your … Read more

Wealthy Affiliate in Review: Leading the Way for 14 Years!

Wealthy Affiliate in Review gives an overview of why they have been leading the way for over 14 years … since 2005. This is an Organization that Gives Entrepreneurs the Opportunity to Create and Manage Their Website and Business on an All-in-One Platform. They are dedicated to the community of entrepreneurs and other members who … Read more