Healthcare Product Review | Portable Shampoo Bowl with Drain!

The Portable Shampoo Bowl is one healthcare solution caregivers, patients and their families would be happy to find. It means one less everyday problem they have to face. It’s not sophisticated but functional. That’s the most important and basic feature for the purpose it serves. Other products are available with similar features. Let’s check it … Read more

A Caregiver’s Career | Tell Your Story About Your Journey.

Choosing a caregiver’s career may be your personal journey. Are you a home health aide, certified nursing assistant, nurse, or a caregiver in another capacity? Caregivers are in demand and you can play a role in helping others find if this is a career choice for them. Imagine sitting down with someone having a casual … Read more

Home Health Care Consultants | Office Affairs Manager Unit

The “Home Health Care Consultants | Office Affairs Manager Unit” represents the seventh article in the series. This unit focuses primarily on staff and caregivers’ wellbeing and development. The mission of the Consultants reflects paying attention to clients, staff, and caregivers. Everyone gets treated with respect and dignity. People perform more optimally when they feel … Read more

Home Health Care Consultants | Non-Medical Home Scheduler Unit.

“Home Health Care Consultants | Non-Medical Home Scheduler Unit” is number six in the series. It showcases players who aren’t medical professionals in the lives of home care clients. They are important in home care as many individuals are unable to leave their homes or just prefer to have that kind of service delivered to … Read more

Home Health Care Consultants | Nurse Practitioner (NP) Unit.

This “Home Health Care Consultants | Nurse Practitioner (NP) Unit” is the fifth in a series. The Nurse Practitioner is a vital link in any healthcare setting. This Nurse Practitioner, head of the unit, is one of the Visionary’s The Masterminds key player. Another Mastermind is the Human Resources/Scheduler, featured in the fourth series. The … Read more

Home Health Care Consultants | Human Resources/Scheduler Unit.

This fourth article in the prototype “Home Health Care Consultants” series highlights the Human Resources/Scheduler Unit. It is critical in home health care. The Human Resources personnel have to be on top of their game to keep up with the ever-increasing demands. The ratio of clients to caregivers is somewhat unbalanced. We’ll take a look … Read more

Home Health Care Consultants | Holistic Medical Doctor Unit

In this third series of “Home Health Care Consultants” we will look at the prototype Holistic Medical Doctor Unit. This is the brainchild of a Certified Nursing Assistant … the visionary who is looking at the big picture. Merging the two, holistic and medical, offers the comprehensive view of individuals who are exploring a wholesome … Read more

Home Health Care Consultants | Holistic Nutritionist Unit.

This is the second article in “Home Health Care Consultants” prototype series. The focus is on the Holistic Nutritionist as a key player in an affiliate ecosystem. A Nutritionist or Dietitian (Dietician) plays a very important role in the healthcare industry. Hospitals and other facilities rely on this service for the nutritional wellbeing of patients … Read more

Home Health Care Consultants | A Visionary’s Prototype Units.

“Home Health Care Consultants” is the beginning of a series based on a prototype I envision for a more comprehensive offer of services in the marketplace … an example of merging ecosystems. Are visions given only to the most educated, talented, or the wealthiest? Vision comes to those who exist regardless of status. It takes … Read more