How to Get Help for a Small Business. | After the Bank Says No!

“How to Get Help for a Small Business. | After the Bank Says No!” acknowledges the understatement of the year that small businesses are struggling for survival.

Many of them have gone out of business, lost revenue, and searching for ways to stay afloat.

As a small business owner, how many banks have told you no … one after the other? How many Paycheck Protection Programs (PPPs) have you not qualified for or simply couldn’t get through the “door” before they closed?

Let me guess … you don’t care to mention. If you have nothing left to hold on to and have hit rock bottom, just one more opportunity could make a difference. You’re searching for that lifeline.

Small Business Owners’ Dilemma. | Is This the End?

There are so many stories of small business owners who would probably have to make the decision to go out of business, reluctantly. They are faced with …

  • COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • Bankruptcy.
  • Vicious competition from large companies.
  • Lack of funding.

Any one of these could easily wipe out or significantly slow down a small business. How are you coping?

COVID-19 Pandemic

It has been an entire year now since COVID-19 has surfaced affecting individuals, the education system, and businesses of all sizes and industries.


Filing for bankruptcy may not be fun, but some businesses choose this as an option to start over. At times, they really have no other option. That could result in a long and arduous road ahead.

Vicious Competition from Large Companies

The biggest competition small businesses may be faced with comes from large companies offering similar products or services. They have the resources to attract more customers at better prices.

Lack of Funding

Why is funding such a huge setback for small businesses? Resources and collateral are limited; they are considered adverse risks to lending institutions who find it too costly an undertaking.


Getting Help Is Difficult. | Maintaining a Business Is Tough.

When your bank tells you they can’t help you although you have chosen to do business with them over others for years, you feel cheated and unappreciated …

Or when you have exhausted all other means of getting help from family and friends, you feel like a failure and that you have been let down.

The banks have certain criteria for granting or denying loans to individuals and businesses.

Family members and friends are not always in a position to help out. Even if they are considered to be affluent, they have their own priorities.

Traditional banks and, probably, most lending institutions seem to have set a higher bar for small businesses. They are in business themselves to make big profits and to ensure security of the funds they lend out.

As a result those who are in dire need who do not fit into their most profitable mold usually get left behind, forsaken and run the risk of going out of business.

But it doesn’t always have to be that way …


Small Businesses Can Stay Open. | Renewed Hope.

All hope is not lost just because there are hurdles in the way.

National Business Capital & Services gives hope to small businesses, turning things around for them to stay open. There are success stories from industries where entrepreneurs have received loans from over 75 lenders they have access to.

Some success stories come from construction, auto repairs, equipment sales, and other companies getting loans and lines of credit … in less than one week.

One example is a contractor with new projects which required employing more people to complete jobs. He got additional funds to pay employees before the company got paid thus preventing salary delays.

Restaurants are restricted from doing business as usual due to COVID-19; however, some have become instrumental and creative in the way they now operate.

Additional funds are needed to redesign their space to meet new guidelines. People want to get out with families and friends safely. These restaurants are making a difference.

Applying for and getting financing is a much more pleasant experience and less stressful when it results in greater profitability.

It is interesting to note that although some businesses are closing, savvy entrepreneurs are acquiring those businesses and obtaining loans through National Business Capital & Services to do so.

Consulting firms are on the increase and payment for payroll and miscellaneous expenses are being secured.

Recently, I spoke with someone who introduced a roofer to National Business Capital & Services for a loan. He was in need of additional funds to expand his business. That loan allowed him to stay open.

Due to privacy concerns, I am unable to give specifics; however, you can read clients’ reviews HERE.

Close proximity to the right opportunities can yield unexpected results and bring renewed hope in the face of adversity. If you or someone you know need help, this is one organization worth contacting.


About National Business Capital & Services. | They Care.

National Business Capital & Services has been around since 2007, and already they have successfully secured over $1 billion for business owners affected by hard-hit economic times or who just needed additional funds.

National isn’t your traditional financial institution. They stand out when it comes to getting approval for 90 percent of the business owners who apply for services.

Traditional banks and other financial lenders make it extremely difficult, especially for small businesses who do not have the advantages larger companies do.

You will not be automatically disqualified by National if you are in any of these categories …

  • You have a low credit score. They have lenders who will work with you even if your credit score is 600 or below.
  • You have been turned away by everyone else. This may not be the end of the road.
  • Your business is not an essential solution worth financing according to traditional banks. They could be wrong.

Of course, there are certain criteria to get approval, but you can be sure National will not waste your time by beating around the bush. They will outline everything in an easy-to-understand way …

… and if you’re approved, the process is not dragged out unnecessarily.

National cares enough to provide a competent team of professionals to help you on your journey to having a successful business. With their help you can focus on running your business effectively.

In addition to that, they care enough to donate 10 meals to Feed America for every deal they fund. That’s another good cause that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Take the step HERE and see for yourself what they have to offer and how they have helped others like you to advance their businesses. You could be next. Why not find out.


After the Banks Said No … | National Said Yes!

It’s not over just because you’ve been turned down multiple times by traditional banks or other financial institutions. This has been the case for many businesses.

Your struggles are real and should be taken seriously.

National Business Capital has given many small businesses the opportunity to get back to what they love, as entrepreneurs, running their businesses.

This one CLICK could transform the trajectory of your business for good …

… National Business Capital & Services could be the only lifeline for you at this time!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. I will be more than happy to assist you.

Before you go, here’s a bonus … a word from CEO and co-founder of National Business Capital & Services.

As a referral partner with National Business Capital & Services, I earn a commission on qualified loans.

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